Wiggin Village Site Remediation

Housing and Urban Development - Providence, RI

RED was awarded the task of performing site remediation on Wiggin Village Apartments in March of 2012. The Rhode Island Housing and Urban Development (HUD) property, which serves as quality affordable homes for those who qualify, was documented as having impacted soil, contaminated with above the Residential Direct Exposure Criteria (RIDEM) and above the Industrial/Commercial Direct Exposure Criteria. RED was contracted to excavate the contaminated soil, install clean backfill, and manage multiple on-site Reusable Stockpile Areas (RSAs) and Waste Stockpile Areas (WSAs) for this job.


Key services performed by RED included:

            ► Removal of select trees and shrubs

            ► Excavation of impacted soil

            ► Installation of clean backfill

            ► Fugitive dust flow and air quality monitoring

            ► Maintenance of on-site stockpiles

            ► Soil grab samples from excavated material