Impacted Soil Removal and Concrete Encapsulation

Leggette, Brashears, & Graham, Inc. (WSP) - Farmington, CT

RED provided soil remediation, concrete encapsulation and transportation and disposal services to facilitate the self-implementation cleanup of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) remediation waste (40 CFR 761.61(a)) under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) for a former manufacturing facility located in Farmington, Connecticut.  Following the preparation, submittal and approval of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Contractor Work Plan, RED excavated and removed TSCA PCB soils from three locations across the property. One location identified the building foundation concrete as containing PCBs >1mg/kg.

Subsequently, RED prepared and submitted an Alternative Work Plan to the EPA detailing a remedial strategy which included the encapsulation of PCBs via cleaning and epoxy coating. The epoxy coating consisted of the application of primer and two contrasting coats of epoxy resin.  A bentonite blanket was installed over the encapsulated area prior to backfilling. Approximately 500 tons of TSCA PCB soils were transported off-site for disposal at Chemical Waste Management, Inc. located in Emelle, AL (Emelle). Additionally, RED performed waste characterization sampling per Emelle requirements and facilitated the waste approval process.