Ozone Injection and Soil Vapor Remediation System Installation

Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. - Winsted, CT

RED was contracted through Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. (GES) to install an ozone injection/soil vapor extraction remediation system at a former retail petroleum facility. The system installation included trenching and subsurface piping of six ozone injection wells and ten soil vapor extraction wells. Soil vapor extraction piping was plumbed up through the floor of a concrete pad installed as a temporary foundation for the remediation system. The ozone injection piping and internal Teflon tubing were stubbed up and terminated adjacent to the concrete pad. Following subsurface piping installation activities, all injection tubing and vapor vent lines were pressure tested to confirm proper installation.

Additional site activities included: installation of erosion controls, crane coordination to facilitate a complex hoist of the remediation system over the existing building structure, installation of an 8-foot-high wooden fence encompassing the remediation shed, road box installations, repaving activities to restore the site to preexisting conditions and the disposal of approximately 300 tons of contaminated soil generated during site construction activities.