RED offers an inclusive package of project management services that integrates scientific expertise, competent and responsive actions, and quality assurance. Our project managers are not only technically skilled and experienced construction, environmental, and safety professionals, but also possess a high degree of business acumen. The overall success in executing projects within established timelines and budgets can be attributed to our standard operating procedures (SOPs), sophisticated project management tools, and proactive routine communication.

RED has established SOPs to govern the performance of routine tasks.The SOPs enhance continuity, job performance, time management, and assure both the highest degree of quality assurance and quality control for the client. In addition, our project managers utilize a variety of integrated computer systems to effectively track and oversee all aspects of the project (i.e. cost estimating, schedule tracking, preparing invoices, and developing detailed technical reports). RED is able to communicate and provide this data in concise formats which allow our clients to quickly discern the status of any given task executed within a project. The combination of SOPs and management systems formulate the foundation of our expert project management services.

Our project managers and technical teams work together closely to review and discuss weekly project priorities, staff utilization and monitoring issues related to customer satisfaction. In addition, RED implements and periodically distributes standardized surveys to our clients. The survey allows our clientele to objectively review our company’s performance and provide feedback to ensure RED’s commitment to customer service and quality.