Springfield Redevelopment Authority / O’Reily, Talbot & Okun Associates, Inc.

Brownfield Site Remediation - Springfield, MA


In support of an 85-acre multi-faceted brownfield redevelopment initiative known as “Industrial Memorial Park II”, the Springfield Redevelopment Authority selected RED through a competitive bid process to provide remediation services at three primary areas at this location: fire pond, south field, and west field. The City of Springfield purchased the industrial park site from handgun manufacturer Smith & Wesson in March 2003 for $1.75 million. In 2004, RED began excavating sediment contaminated with metals and oil products from the man-made fire pond created by Smith & Wesson in the 1940s.


In addition, RED removed construction debris, drums, and contaminated soil from the south field of the property and transformed the west field (located on the southwestern corner of the site) into a lined, engineered landfill for solvents and metals contaminated soils excavated from the fire pond and south field. All actions were permitted by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.


Key services performed by RED included:

► Removal of Pond Sediments

► Consolidation of Contaminated Soils, Drums, Debris

► Preparation and implementation of various work plans

► Restoration of Wetland Area

► Landfill Construction and Cap Installation