Quality Control / Assurance

RED has established corporate SOPs that govern the performance of our field activities and work processes. All employees, from field technicians to project managers, are involved with the development and/or implementation of a sampling and monitoring program are trained in accordance with the SOPs, site protocol, and standard industry practices. In addition, our personnel are sufficiently trained and versed in accordance with state and federal requirements that pertain to on-site sampling processes. Our disciplined approach to record keeping, quality assurance and sampling preservation techniques support the integrity and defensibility of the data developed from the sampling event.

Site Dewatering and Groundwater Treatment

RED designs, constructs, installs, operates, and maintains dewatering and groundwater treatment systems based on project specifications. The systems can be designed to meet one or a multitude of treatment requirements. In addition, RED can assist clients in the development of a site discharge permit application.

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Controlled Materials Monitoring

RED takes pride in our ability to provide monitoring equipment and personnel on short notice to oversee construction activities within areas of environmental concern. Our personnel have experience in performing air, soil and water monitoring and are educated in the current regulatory requirements.

Sampling and Monitoring

The ability to perform soil and groundwater sampling and monitoring activities utilizing standardized work methods as well as trained professionals is critical in fulfilling regulatory requirements and supporting risk management activities. RED personnel are versed in multi-media sampling of air, building infrastructures, groundwater, landfills, leachate, sediments, sludge, soil, and waste water. RED works closely with our clients to evaluate regulatory compliance requirements and operational needs to craft a cost effective sampling and monitoring program.

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