Bosco Drive On-Site Soil Treatment

New Britain, CT


NEW BRITAIN, CT - RED’s Environmental Division completed soil remediation operations at 1 Bosco Drive in New Britain, Connecticut.

Working under the Department of Municipal Development for the City of New Britain, the project began in 2017 and was completed in September of 2018. There, soil was excavated, screened, and treated for reuse on-site.  The scope of work for the project included excavating and remediating over 700 cubic yards of soil containing various contaminants including petroleum, lead, chromium, and trichloroethylene. As seen above,  excavated soil was run through a pugmill machine.  Various waste streams are stabilized using pugmills, forcing the mixing of the contaminants with remediation agents.


On-site treatment is often a fast and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.  By using this innovate approach, treated soil was able to remain on the site and be reused to backfill the excavation.