Serving as an integral environmental contractor, RED has earned distinction managing several high-profile Brownfield redevelopment projects in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Brownfield sites are the bane of many cities and towns throughout the United States and typically include factories, vacant lots, abandoned warehouses, salvage yards, steel mills, gas stations, and former coal gas manufacturing sites. We are committed to meeting the needs of developers, construction companies, public agencies, and stakeholder groups to initiate the redevelopment of these blighted properties which enhance the aesthetics and economic development within our communities.

We provide services that assist our clientele in acquiring, restoring, and redeveloping environmentally impaired properties. RED understands that the success of Brownfield redevelopment starts from the ground up by navigating the complex and intertwining legal, financial, insurance, real estate, and land use planning issues. Fortunately, our environmental services personnel are educated in a multi-disciplinary manner. We are able to integrate the encompassing issues with our proficiency in environmental risk management, engineering, regulations, and science to achieve the optimal results expected by the client. We develop working business models of limited liability transfers, insurance strategy development and environmental solutions to present to our clients and their investors. RED negotiates insurance programs and cost cap insurance mechanisms with major environmental risk specialists to achieve amenable conditions to all parties involved. Successful negotiations allow the involved financial entities to proceed in providing capital expenditures necessary to continue the development of a project