Bradley International Airport Taxiway Reconstruction

Federal Aviation Administration & Connecticut Department of Transportation -

South Windsor, CT

RECONSTRUCTION OF TAXIWAYS “E” & “T” AND RELOCATION OF RUNWAY 1 THRESHOLD – In August 2005, The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) contracted RED to realign Taxiways “E” & “T” and relocate the Runway 1 Threshold at Bradley International Airport (BDL). Consisting of three major phases of work, the project involved taxiway realignment, excavation, drainage, installation of airport lighting, signage, and lining and striping of improved taxiways and threshold.


RECONSTRUCTION OF EXISTING TAXIWAYS “L” & “M” – In addition to Taxiways “E” and “T”, RED reconstructed these taxiways in January of 2007.


RECONSTRUCTION OF EXISTING TAXIWAY “W” – The third consecutive project awarded to RED by the CTDOT involved full site preparation, formation of a taxiway subgrade, placement of all sub-base material and bituminous asphalt, associated excavation, grading, and installation of necessary drainage and electrical work at BDL’s Taxiway “W”. The project began in March 2008 and ended in August 2008.


Key services performed by RED included:

► Earth and Rock Excavation/Controlled Materials Excavation

► Trenching

► Drainage

► Transportation and Disposal

► Electrical Work

► General Sitework

Heavy Highway and

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